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It does look like a ion (with bolt out back), mini and something else had a mating.

I like the front grip/reg(?) combined with the trigger guard. This is one idea that helps us with longer fingers, bigger hands, ect get and use the trigger comfortably.

Hard as it is for some to understand, alot of us don't necessarly like the mini/small profile tourney guns mentality.

As for the finger groves grip, I presume that is one of those "customizable" items a new aftermarket grip is for.

As for the plain look. It is an item that falls under to "each his own". I like the plain clean look.

As with any gun, there will be add ons to meet your individual tastes.
Just look at the basic ION (for example) when it came out vs what X person uses.

The only thing I am not crazy about is the mini integral asa. I like the ability to move it, add a drop forward, ect.

Overall I like the concept of a bigger trigger frame over the tourney IMO kiddy finger size frame being attempted.

The unfortunate thing will be this gun better have something (other than price) to make it stand out in todays glut of moddest priced electro chunkers . Not to mention the excessive amout of good used guns .

I take the "lets see for now" approach.

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