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Rare Regency Crome/pikkadoll

i feel a need to post this but:
1. Be smart and act your age.
2. No bull ****.
3. I am not shipping first
4. Thanks and have fun.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, i am putting my rare 1 of 6 in the US, Regency Crome(pikadoll) for trade. This thing shoots sex. She operates on as low as 100 Psi. Ill make a video and put it up later! She wil come with the UL. The only colors i am intrested in is Dust white or Lime green, one or the other.

I want a Victory or a clone or an NT.

Sexy Time::tup:

i took the pics with my 1dmkIIn and a 70-200f4l.
Gun#1 for sale

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I'm getting the "loaded" shirt...that thing's bad ***. I love nerdy paintball my old Sheridan jacket.

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