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TCPaintball's Wishlist _ DSP GAS THRU GRIP

All the things i want are listed below. offer up and if i like the deal ill take it and if not then thanks anyway. i will update this list from time to time adding things taking things off etc.


Dukie DSP Gen2 complete with rain cover
Dukie DRV Gen 3
Dukie DSG Latest Gen

Clearly want to get my Dukie Back on i miss this markers
Not in a rush for any of them but if it comes up and you see this let me know if i have the funds will talk


DSP Gas thru Grip Just the Grip Please
Punisher Customs Square Bodied Phantom with Valve and Feed Gate


That's it for now just keep in mind im not looking to purchase all these at once this is just so that if someone has any of these available they will let me know and we will discuss terms to decide if i will be buying, trading it.

Thank you.

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