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Big Parts sale Something for Everyone

Ok there has to be something here that interests you take a look and email me ?'s all prices include shipping to US the only trades I am looking for are Black x valves reverse or regular, Emags, micro emags, Emag battery charger

Nano cocker 600.00 I am negotiable for trades
tac one body 150.00
long bow mag and mag adapter 135.00
Black powdercoated minimag body wtih sight rail 75.00
Stock for custom gun of your chose LIke Palmer hurricane 225.00
Rap4 stock 35.00
Gas through adjustable m4 stock that fits any asa with ops gear extras 85.00
rap4 45 gram co2 40.00
88 5000 pure energy hpa tank with cover 150.00
Emag batt case 40.00
Laser sight with case and some parts 35.00
12" twister barrel 40.00
12" twister barrel 40.00
14" twister barrel 45.00
14" End game products compression barrel Phantom threads 125.00
8" venturi barrel automag threads hard to find 50.00
8" stock barrel 20.00
Dye ultrilite 14" automag barrel 50.00
Long scope from Spec ops great shape 55.00
Green dot scope 25.00
Grip stix powerlyte trigger frame with Kapp grips 45.00
Eclipse Red Gold Black splash kit 110.00
Kapp fore gripp extenter it is chrome spraypainted black
Powerlyte grip stix double trigger hinge frame and chrome asa for autococker 50.00
Phantom stock feed adapter 15.00
Assorted grips 7.00

Items sold so far:
Doc's Mag barrel adapter
Eclipse splash kit
13" SS line with shrink wrap
Next longest ss line
Remote line
Kapp foregrip extender
Kila Ball detent
Quick disconnect

And all other assorted parts everything in the pics are for sale if there is not a price make an offer
Note That The pumpcocker,Z-mag, and Emag are not for sale but just to look at Also email me it is the best way to contact me

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