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Saving an SFT (56K? No way.)

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my afternoon project on Friday. Looking at the title, some of you may say... Why would you bother saving an SFT?

Well, a little background first. I had to stop playing regularly back in 2004, college was just too overwhelming, and trying to juggle it with a job and paintball thrown in wouldn't have worked too well. So I played about once a year in '05 and again in '06. I used a borrowed marker in the '06 game.. an SFT Shocker. I've wanted one since then, just because I love the way it handles.

I know a lot of people on here have a really bad attitude with regard to SP, and I share some of those sentiments, but since I own 4 shoebox shockers and an Impulse, it's kind of hypocritical for me to take that stance. Let's keep those politics out of here, please.

On to the story:

Browsing through the F/S section one day, I came across an SFT that had been spray painted and had an eye problem. I'm not going to name the seller, but he already was taking flak for spray painting this marker in his for sale thread. I threw him an offer, got it for a sweet deal, and a few weeks later, the gun arrived. The seller was straightforward in all communications, and he said that the gun had shot like a dream. I opened it up, and noticed that there was no harness connecting the solenoid to the board. A quick jump on MCB, a few PM's, and I had two harnesses on their way to me (Thanks Deathwish_DW!).

Got the board installed (seller also sent a spare Nerve board), threw in an old battery, aired it up... no leaks, and I shot a Halo-full of RPS through it. Awesome.

Now comes the project - removing the spray paint.

Everything laid out, ready to do work:

Details of the spray paint job:

You can see the torn eye harness. I have a good one on the way.
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