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I've wanted to do this list of the past year and a half (as in these past through in the past year and a half or so), although I know I'm leaving some out....

Prostocks- 5
Orracles- 3
Halfass Gothic- 1
Rudy Cocker- 1
98 Cockers- 4
03 Viking- 1
04 Viking- 1
Featherlite Viking- 1
05 Ego- 1
Mag Pistol- 1
ULE Mag- 1
Minimags- 2
Automags- 3
PGP- 2
Angel LED- 4
Angel LCDs- 4
Angel 2k3 LCD- 1
Impulse- 1

So, 37 or so. I know I'm leaving a few out too. Most never see the field with me.

This doesn't count my E2 PGP or my current build project
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