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Alright, I will post this here first.

My 68/45 is stuck on my ASA. I am very careful to make sure I do not cross thread it, nor do I crank it. Line up it, make sure its very snug. I disengaged the air to the marker, but for the life of me I can not undo the bottle by hand.

I took off the bottle cover so I can get a better grip, when I started to put some real effort into I noticed that it started to move. However, since I was paying real close atttention (3k Psi in tank) I noticed it didnt begin to unscrew from the asa, but rather the carbon fibre part started to twist in the metal piece that screws into the ASA. Obviously I stopped and realigned the tank back into its orginal position.

Now the question is, how do I proceed from here? I am thinking of draining the tank, and then taking a pipe wrench to it. (I will use padding as not to marr the metal part).

Anyone got better ideas?
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