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Here is a list of sub parts for the sterling in case of a jam.

valve guide pin- A sheridan pin non- peirceing type,cocker pin,VM-68 pin

barrels- Raptor barrels fitted to the proline/lada sterlings.Take about .200+- off the shoulder.You might have to take more or less. Start close to .200 and fitt it to your sterling.Take your time!! All the older sterlings are not built the same.

Frames- Don't get me wrong.But, I'm sorry that I'm not going to drop $100. for a frame.Yes this might take some time. But, I think it will get you going. It will require you drilling and tapping. You'll have to locate your sear pivot pin and drill it. And tapp your spacer bar lock down screw. I forgot my mics at work,so I'll post a up date on this.

Springs- clipped spyder main springs for the main springs.Cocker valve springs for the valve springs. Or you can contact Mark. Or I have made a contact on spring kits @ Maddman springs.
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