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Title: Cloudmaker

Builder: jitspoe

Marker Used: Brass Eagle Rainmaker (with Ultralite 2 body milling by Rainman)

Specs: AKA valve, ANS Gen X2 regluator with wood veneer, WGP Orracle Tickler Regulator with wood veneer (anodizing & nickel platting stripped), Palmer(?) QEV's with nickel plating stripped, stripped macroline fittings, copper pipe and tubing, WGP Torpedo ASA (baked to a copper color + customized spigot handle), once-black, baked 90-degree Angel frame, Palmer pressure gauge, AGD Warp Feed (painted, on-off switch added, windows cut out on front and back, plexiglass added, LED+phototransistor setup that actuates warp feed when trigger is pulled), VL Revolution (old busted up shell I found on the field, painted, added wood veneer to cover hole, added clock/alam to lid), unknown barrel (blow torch faded, still waiting on UPS to get my Palmer brass barrel out of Phoenix, grr, been there for weeks), leather grips, Tlaloc replacement chip.

Chrono: ~275 (adjustable)


Video: YouTube - Jitspoe Steam Punk Paintball Marker
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