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Overbore, Underbore, or Paint to Bore Match

Hello Dukie and fellow DRV owners, I have been shooting my DRV in my backyard and have not experienced any major problems.

I have a chronograph and was getting 270FPS on my first shot and then each consecutive shot the FPS got lower than the previous shot.

I am using a 10" stock Rainmaker barrel but I am unsure about the inner diameter. I am shooting Ultra Evil paint that measured between .678 to .682.

Do I need to use a overbore, underbore or paint to barrel match?

Will underboring increase my FPS on the DRV?


On a side note, I do love my DRV. I think it is the most fun I have had ever shooting a paintball gun/marker.
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Any New Old Stock(NOS) sealed/brand new in box items.
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Ninja Dave Lever Changer
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