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T2 firing problem.

CCM TECH SUPPORT solved this problem. Below is a small explanation of what happened and how it was fixed. Keeping this thread alive so you can see what needs to be done and how great CCM tech support is.

I am having a problem with my t2. It's serial #200 if that matters.

Went to use it last weekend and it was being erratic. I would cock it and a ball would load but when i pulled the trigger nothing would happen.

This kept happening and i could not get the gun to fire. Then after that it would cock and soon as the pimp would return back to normal position it would fire without trigger pull. It did this several times before i gave up for the day.

I went to clean it up today and was reading through the manual on pumpenstein and tried to adjust a few items. Changed reg pressure. Adjusted the screw under the bolt.

Went out side and it was shooting great for about 10 balls. Using crap paint "heat" but it was flying straight.

Then all of sudden it started acting up again.

Have any of you guys ran into this problem? Normally I would ship it off to get professionally teched since its my baby. But I have a huge game this up coming weekend and not enough turn around time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If needed I can make a video of the problem and post it.

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