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Prices are funny. Its like this houses (1500 sq feet) used to sell for $80k-110K in my area about a year ago. You could get a small mansion for $300-400K. We have always had people moving in from out of state( heck Im one of them) but they used to be smarter. Now those same houses are selling "in the low $200,000's" ( on a sign near me ) The sad part is that the reason they are that high is that people dont reasearch the market as well as they should plus the fact that most of them come from areas where wages are higher. This equals a boom in prices that does not match the rate of inflation or the local wages. The other half of the problem is the local building contractors, they are more than okay with chargeing people up the rear for cheap crap. Now Im not a union man, but the lack of unions and the whole "right to work stsate" thing means that the wages of people and/or subcontractors is not going up hardly at all. This equals a weath of money made by few, and a middle class that is slowly becoming a lower middle class.

There is no differance in paintball. The internet is in part to blame. Think about it some guy gets paid $40 and hour, and that $40 drop is no big deal. Then ther is the guy that makes, lets say $20 and hour for the sake of discustion. That same $40 drop is twice as expensive to him.

Market fluxuation is good if it is slowed to gradual "hills and valleys" but when those become "cliffs and cayons" you start having problems. (think line graph to get a better picture of what I am saying) Its no differant than everyone rushing to one end of a canoe because they can, it will eventualy sink. Lack of reasearch/education + lack of responsibility= bad things eventualy.
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