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Originally Posted by monty View Post
I really love playing pistol, but it still irks me to have to buy boxes and boxes of 12 grams and to have to coax my old PT no to leak them. I don't like using a remote on a pistol because I feel like im fighting with the hose all the time. So I'm thinking of slapping on a bottom line on my pistol and hanging a 3.5oz vertically off the grip.

I'm curious to hear from any pistol players who've playing using a tank or remote.

I just replaced the 12g seal on my 'new to me' old PT Extreme. Leaked like a seive when it arrived .... replaced the stock 1/8NPS hex head plug with a proper 1/8NPT flush plug to cure one leak. I replaced the 12g seal with a urethane 'cocker cocking rod bumper (had to try something and couldn't find anything else) to cure the other ... so far it's survived three full 12g dumps and four more I fired off for testing and chrono.
I am planning to replace the flush plug and run it on remote once I decide how to route the line to the bottom.
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