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Originally Posted by SKI008 View Post
A whole bunch of companies make small bore barrels these days so the selection is not as limited as it used to be. And when you order your gun you can request a different bore sizer for free, I got a .684 with my Series 6.

And to the guy above, underboring doesn't break more paint, there is no reason to use anything even close to .690 in a pump gun.
I am "the guy" and while using a .690 is not as effective as using the correct bore for paint it does eliminate the possibility of a small barrel not working well with larger paint, this would be from a sales point of view. This way CCM isn't getting calls from uneducated customers complaining that the barrel is too small and it keeps breaking paint. Underboring is a solid approach, however that would mean going a size or two under your paint. Try shooting .689 paint out of a .681 or .679 and it will break more than it should. With the appropriate bore you should never break good paint in a CCM. CCM can't guarantee that all us morons are going to use quality paint or have the sense enough to realize that paint size isn't there fault, so giving the largest bore idiot proofs it.
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