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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
We have had more than one or two guys call up after they get their brand new guns and are super P.O'd that they have consistency issues with their gun, automatically assuming it is the gun and not user error.

We have talked about making a how to size paint video to help if there isn't already one out there.
Sadly I see that all the time and it drives me off the wall. I compare sizing paint as important wiping off a hit on your feedneck. Both can cause your paint to fly in odd directions. Also, I noticed that the paint quality is getting worse. I use to be able to get straight flying rec grade paintball. Now I almost have to get the sliver stuff.

The only thing I want now is the lever lock, cram-n-jam.

Another thing, have you guys thought about extend the length of the sizer so it would be easier to remove by hand? I don't want to stick an allen key into the holes and mess up the anno.

Finally any chance of you guys doing some freak inserts of different sizes? i.e. .677, .675
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