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Here's my new bad-boy, just got her last night. Haven't air her up yet, playing with my friends ATS used my air all up.

DRV 1984.

Constant air mod (the I don't like 12 grams mod):

Barrel option #1:
Micromag barrel

Barrel option #2:
PPS brass barrel.

Barrel option #3:
Python adapter + Flasc barrel.

Barrel option #4:
Flasc barrel + Raincover.

Option #5:
10 round spring feed instead of 5 round.

I personally like the looks of the micromag barrel the best. But of course, it sounds like some barrels work better than others. Hopefully the python won't cause barrel breaks.

Sorry about the amount of flash, I will take these in natural light when I get a chance.

BTW you guys are wussies, the heavy trigger pull is awesome. Dukie gave me it all light and lame, I adjusted it till it was heavy and snappy.
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I'll add my Feedback here, because I always forget to ask.
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