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Miltec/Nelspot co2plug mod

I posted this over on the Sidearm Owners group but had to post it here as well. I want to state in advance that no Nelspot parts were damaged or altered in the making of this thread!

I like a side dropout for the co2 on my Miltec G2. It takes roughly 5 turns to unscrew the plug far enough to dump the 12ie but I have to be careful, if I don't screw it far enough out it will block the co2 from coming out and if I screw it out too far it will fall out.

So I searched my little memory bank and then the internet and found the answer for $15 in this Challenger dropout for the Nelspot 007.
For those who're not familiar with these they are a replacement for the 007 back end and have a cam operated piercing mechanism that only requires one turn to turn and lock and one back to dump. I had seen a friend of mine take one apart once and I thought of trying to adapt the plug part to a sheridan, but at the time I had no test subject.
So here it is:

I'll get a tap at work today and rethread the Miltec to match the finer thread. The hex nut you see on the changer plug can be used to adjust the depth the plug pushes into the gun but the cam action has a wide window of it's own, this should let me avoid the problems associated with lever changers while getting the easiest, fastest co2 change.

I'll post a pic of the finished product tomorrow!
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