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Originally Posted by wrongbloke View Post
So I ended up breaking the AT screw on my ss-25 off in the pump arm. after a bit of struggle I managed to get the threaded portion out of the pump arm and went to order a new screw on ebay, there are 2 almost identical choices in CCM's ebay store:

CCM Auto Trigger Shoulder Screw - 7B0003-SS - eBay (item 150475625098 end time Nov-01-10 09:26:18 PDT)

CCM Trigger Pivot Screw - 4D0063 - eBay (item 280478147148 end time Nov-08-10 10:39:09 PST)

I ended up ordering the second one out of confusion since the only difference seems to be the name and the picture is the same. I got the screw in the mail yesterday and installed it onto my SS-25 but the screw seems too long. the AT works, but the length of the screw allows the cam to wiggle out and actually jam the trigger up. did I get the wrong screw or are the newer AT screws just longer anyway? will I have to find an older AT screw for my SS-25?
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