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The Slab-Sided DRV Shroud Concept

Ok, so cruising for revolvers I'd like to emulate with my DRV, I came upon this

I think it could be done as the rail/slabside barrel look can be combined as a barrel shroud/top strap, giving something to mount sights to AND, a retention method for the cylinder pin...

So here's how I think we could apply it to the DRV (many apologies to the people whose photos I ganked for my concept "art" lol):

Here you can see that by milling a channel just long enough, it can be used to retain the cylinder pin. I was also thinking of possibly boring through it into the springfeed for a re-tread on the "top loading mods" for the Zeuses. It would need some other mods to work, like Smiley's guide-rod for instance, but I think it could be done.

Since the springfeed is offset from the barrel due to the 5 round cylinder, the slab would have to be channeled to clear it. I'm picturing this done really tightly so it almost looks like the feed is part of the slab and only a semi-circle of it sticks out when looking from the front.

My only thing is that I'm not a machinist. I might have access to a mill and a lathe, and sort of know how to set them up, but I wouldn't even know where to start with something like this. I was thinking of starting with a block of black Nylon 6/6 from McMaster, to minimize wait and eliminate the need to paint it. Of course it could also be done in aluminum for those getting their DRV's anno'd different colors. I'd rather do it myself but I'm really not sure how. I know for sure I don't have any drill bits in the shop that are long enough nor thick enough for a 1" hole that's 6-10 inches long (depending on barrel selection).

Anybody got a take on how to do this as easily/inexpensively as possible?
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