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Misc stuff sor sale, purple revy, rare micro emag project, Millenium spdyer project,

Paypal Only
Shipping Not included
Best offer on some.

Links under the pictures are more picture of that item.
I have large pictures as well & can get any at request.

Minimag body, cut feedneck $20 SOLD

Cocker junk $15? SOLD
SP Progressive $15 PENDING
Lapco S/S Autospirit $30 PENDING
Boa S/S Snakebite $30 PENDING

Maxflo $30 SOLD

Purple revy.. All plastic new & unused. $50
Will include a purple batt cover thats sitting at work

Pgp pump & grips SOLD
Kingman regs $10 for both
Benchmark frame, Spyder, $10
Bob Long frame, Spyder All new, no sear or safty $25
Orange 32* grips New $10
Chrome Automg Va $10
Barrel tip free with any purchase. i donk know what it goes to.
Lapco drop some chrome ground away $10

Bob Long Millenium Spyder Project. New body, new trigger frame, new bolt, new detent. Its missing a sear. I will include plain blck grips as well $100

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