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Originally Posted by Heavy68 View Post
Who won?
Good question, I'd like to know as well. Kept hearing red was ahead all day, but not by a lot.

I guess we(blue) only had three folks on the field at the whislte... I know i missed it So we had to go take back our Corner right off the bat. But we did so by 10:30 Myself, my buddy Rocky, and one of the Exiled souls rolled in at 10:29

I was also involved in two missions for us. We held some territory uneventfully, and then joined up with a patrol. I didn't survive the patrol, but they finished it out and got the points.

I know I sat on their corner for a bit around 2:30, pretty sure I kept 'em from getting the points. Couldn't change the flag, becasuse the cops were watching (that is amusing to say) But I hung out next to it while they inserted and held it for a good 10 mins after that(with a pump I might add!!)

All in all, this was an extremely fun scenario. I was impressed with how much the theme was present, without getting in the way of the paintball. A lot of other "producers" could've learned a few things from this game.

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