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So... Here's something that I like about the idea of solicitation...

Titus brings up an example of a part that is available NOWHERE else but in his hands. And the fact that he isn't a major manufacturer or distributor means that most people wouldn't know that a new part is available. (Titus' example was on brand new sheridan bolts, right?)

Maybe the person with the broken bolt should be savvy enough to search the dealers section for new bolts... But I know that I wouldn't waste my time on a long-shot like searching for SL-68 I parts. And instead I would probably post a thread asking for help...

To which, I would appreciate any unique solutions that MCB's members have to offer. It would just increase frustration to have a dealer who knows where a rare part is and not be able to tell me.

(Unique solutions is the important term... Because if sheridan bolts, or sl68I parts were everywhere, then it wouldn't be unique.)

I know it might take some more discussion, but some comprehensive policy on this topic would make MCB a better place.

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