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[beginrant] Unfortunately, spoiled 12 year olds don't need to do much research to run to their mommys and daddys and ask for a grand or two to spend on the latest superfast gizmo gun. It's probably cheaper than ritalin in the long run anyways so they're happy to pay.

I think if the paintball market weren't driven by kids from 12 to 17 with 100% disposable income, prices would go down in a hurry. OR maybe if they just would think about what they're getting for the money they're earning. Nobody expects anything for their money anymore. Parents tell their kids life sucks and there's nothing you can do as they write rediculous checks to colleges, pharmacies, and landlords. People are so used to getting screwed now that they don't care so long as they don't have to adapt too quickly. They'll pay high prices so long as they can still get the goods, but take the goods away and they are finally offended enough to complain. And when they get it back theyll pay the same price for it, happily forgetting that they used to pay much less because now the goods being sold are new and exciting. Look at gasoline; prime example.[endrant]

So Al's right, it's all about responsibility and knowledge. If people just lifted their heads to become more aware, they'd realize that spending more on a stock space gun then you would on a hand crafted piece of functioning art from a custom dealer is just plain stupid.
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