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A little bit of progress this weekend.

The space allocated for the MPA3 will be tight so if I used a 90 barb at the tail end of the ram it will extend it out even longer. So to keep it compact I decided to run a straight barb off the side of the ram.

Drill and side tap the Ram.
With a No. 35 bit I drilled a hole on the body close to the base making sure I dont break through to the piston stop.
Tap and thread with 6-40. Then plug the original inlet hole with a 10-32 set screw & seal with JB weld.

To ensure that air will be getting the face of the piston I slotted a small hole at the bottom of the body.
Thats all I had time for this weekend. Next Ill need to hog out the frame to fit the Ram and switch.

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