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I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting the results of the great paint weigh out. Well the monkeys have been in the lab all day working on it, and here are the results.

(Click to make bigger)

The paints I weighed were:
Nelson Special Forces (Ranger Edition)
Nelson Affordaball
Procaps Hellfire
Procaps DXS Silver
Procaps X-Ball Bronze (only 1 bag of this)

For each paint I placed an unopened bag of 500 paintballs into a plastic tray ontop of a digital postal scale that we use for filling CO2 tanks at the field. I weighed 3 different bags of each paint, except for the X-Ball Bronze because I only had 1 unopened bag of that at the time. The whole reason I was able to do this comparison is because our supplier had a truck break down. We couldn't get our usual shipment of Procaps paint for this weekend so we got an emergency shipment of Nelson paint from a different supplier.

Special Forces

3lb 4.4oz
3lb 4.4oz
3lb 4.4oz

Avg = 3lb 4.4oz


3lb 3.4oz
3lb 3.6oz
3lb 3.2oz

Avg = 3lb 3.4oz


3lb 12.0oz
3lb 12.2oz
3lb 12.2oz

Avg = 3lb 12.13oz

DXS Silver

3lb 13.0oz
3lb 12.8oz
3lb 13.0oz

Avg = 3lb 12.93oz

X-Ball Bronze (this is our usual stock field paint)

3lb 11oz

So there you have it. The Special Forces paintballs were the most consistent in weight from bag to bag, but certainly not as heavy as the Procaps paint. One of the off-duty refs was playing today and used the Special Forces paint to try it out, and he said it shot fine and broke easily.
You can see though that they didn't come in a nifty case though. Just a plain white box with stickers on it. The stickers proclaim that the box is an 1800
count, but you get a "Free 200 Paintballs, for a total count of 2000". Not sure if this is a special thing, or just a very stupid advertising gimmick.

On the other hand, Nelson Affordaballs are pretty much biodegradable reballs. Hands down the worst paintballs we've ever had at our field in almost 7 years of being open. The shell is extremely thick, the balls bounce off almost anything (we chrono our rental guns to 285ish), and the fill is like water with food colouring. It's almost totally transparent, making hits next to impossible to see on black masks or guns. Never, ever use Affordaballs if you can help it. Anyway, hopefully our field will never have to have them again, even if it is for a one weekend emergency.

I hope that sheds some light on Special Forces paint for you.
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