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Betasniper's Reverse Mag Release Install How-To

I took some pics as I installed one of my reverse mag releases and decided to write a how-to to help out others who might have a little bit of trouble with the install. It's fairly simple, but hey, someone not so technically inclined might find it a little daunting or try to overcomplicate things for themselves.

Materials needed:
A Tiberius T8/8.1/9/9.1
A Betasniper Mag Release

Tools needed:
-Whatever you normally need to disassemble your Tiberius T8/T9
-A pair of needle nose pliers, longer is better here

This is what you will receive in the mail:

You want to start off by stripping your T8/T9 down to the bare gripframe:

Then locate the backside of the stock release and its return spring:

Using your needle-nose pliers (long ones are best since you're reaching into a tight area), grab the spring and gently pull it back:

As you pull back the spring, use a free finger to push the release out to the right side of the gripframe until you clear the spring, then remove it entirely:

Now, insert your shiny new mag release from the left side of the frame:

Using your pliers to hold the spring back (like you did when removing the original release), wiggle the new release through to the other side. Also take the time to turn the spring so that the looped/bent part at the tip faces to the right (it faces left with the stock release):

Then simply seat the spring into the spring pocket on the new release:

Then put a mag in and test for proper operation! Remember: First-Strike mags need to have the release catch machined all the way across for them to work with the Betasniper reverse release!

Then reassemble your pistol and go assassinate some electro-wielding clowns
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