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You could release the magazine with your trigger finger instead of twisting the gun in hand to get to release it with your thumb. (unless you have big hands, this is the common way of releasing the mag) Lefties are used to releasing the magazine with their trigger finger and I liked how the stock release worked when I used my left hand. But Since I am not a lefty, I decided to use tens of thousands of dollars worth of machinery to make a low dollar part. I posted my mod in this forum and got some requests of making some. So I did. Although I didn't post up an installation guide. I can install a release in a matter of seconds, but that is because I'm used to taking my marker appart and checking to see if the release's I have made fit (I made about 6 revisions before I got it close to perfect). I appreciate ITSPB-Rogue for making this fine guide.

ITSPB-Rogue: I hope you don't mind, I am going to link to this thread in my sig for installation instructions.
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