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Pistol lanyard mod for Tiberius 8

I'm sure some of you who own a pistol and use it as a backup worry that it could fall out and get lost while bushwhacking, running, etc... Here's how I attached a lanyard to my Tiberius 8 pistol

This isn't exactly a new mod, and I'm sure some of you out there have done similar mods but since I was doing it to mine, I figured I'd take some shots.

Strip your marker down to just the frame, make sure it's nice and clean.

Before drilling the holes, I decided to make the hole above the 2nd to last grippy bit at the back. That way, there's still enough material there for the lanyard to grab onto without the fear of breaking that piece off.

I drilled the hole using a small bit and my trusty rotary tool of choice. I started out with a few small holes and at a low to medium speed, carefully worked the bit back and forth until I had a hole where you see it above.

Then I took a small rectangular file and just ran it through to smooth it all out and make it a bit more squared out.

Here's where I threaded through my lanyard. Note that I started from the outside. That way you have less material in the marker, reducing the chances even further of snagging on the mag (I tested the space before doing the mod and if done right, there's no reason any cord or lanyard should get caught).

Passed the rest of my lanyard through the loop and gently snugged up the knot so that it was nice and snug.

And that's it. Very simple mod to do. Looks good and is comfortable to hold. I'm gonna use her tomorrow during a big game so I'll post up my results about how durable it is.

Andry : )

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