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MCB Donation Button

Well, due to folks asking here:

I decided I would put up a donation button for the rest of December. I'll take it down after that. I really wanted to thank everyone that's help make this site great and for those of you that want to ensure that we'll keep going.

The donation button is for the folks that wish to give more. I thank you. We are in no means of a worry of shutting down any time soon. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a buffer to keep these servers going (actually it's time for a server upgrade and rebuild.. hmmm...)

Maybe we can do something good. Either way 100% of it goes back into the site.

You can find the button on the "left side" of the main forum page:

MCB Paintball Forums - Dedicated to old/rare guns and those that just love the game

Look there, scroll down, and on the left hand side you'll see it.

Thank you again.

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