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Gargoyle in every state campaign

So I have this idea. An idea that someone ~coughnish~ is dragging there feet on

Given the small numbers I know this may take awhile, but thought that it would be cool to do.

I would like to post pics of owners of Gargoyles in each state. One per state.


1. Don't put yourself in a position to get in trouble with the law.

2. Take a good clear picture of you holding your Gargoyle standing in front of any sign that says the state you are in. Unique pictures are welcome.

3. "Welcome to XYZ state" signs are preferred. ***SEE #1.

4. Gargoyles that have been Mod'd by the owner are eligible. Guns with Gargoyle parts added to them are not eligible.

The first ones I receive from each state will be the ones that I use. Email pictures to

I will resize and organize them to be posted on either MCB or the RTR site. May even post both.

Once I reach the 50 states I will do something for those that submitted images. I think I know what it will be but want to keep it under wraps for awhile. But each person will get something.

That being said. Those that submit please include your Phone number and mailing address. Keep in mind that all 50 states need to be completed before anything goes out.


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