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Originally Posted by randyshipp View Post
I'm more confused than ever now. I powered and gassed it up. There's a little leak in one of the microline fittings, but that can probably be fixed easily enough. At first, it didn't cycle fully -- just a ka-chick! and a little gas exhausted -- but then it started firing, though it missed a couple in a the middle of a string of shots. When I last put it away, I don't think it was firing at all.

So, do you think just a strip, clean, and lube is the first step?

I watched the video, but couldn't see anything; video was so dark... From what you described above, it is short stroking, either not latching the hammer or not striking the sear pin. I know you have taken it apart already but, the best way to figure out what the gun is doing is to remove the trigger frame from the body and then gas up and cycle the gun. In this way, you can see the hammer and carrier moving. You will be able to see if they are latching and releasing properly.

If the carrier is latching the hammer but not striking the sear pin then, the gun is cycling too slow. If the carrier is not latching the hammer, then the hammer is worn out or the pressure is not high enough or the valve spring is worn out...

And about not use 3 in 1 oil. It is petrolium based and will eat the o-rings; especially in the MAC valve. Use a light synthetic clear gun oil. For the internals, Radio Shack sells a Teflon grease that is great; cannot remember the name at the moment.
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