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My Montneel Z1 Experience

Backstory: For about the past year or so, I have been trying to learn more/do more with a Montneel Z1 that was handed down to me from my brother. As most of you know, Z1's run on liquid and trying to find a place that knew anything about how to get this gun working properly up in Toronto (Canada) has proven to be a right bitch.

Grumbles aside, I DID get this gun working... for the most part. Part of the outfitting I was handed down was a remote line. Now, I don't know how my brother used to play with this equipment back in the mid 90's, but I'm surprised he could at all with that remote. At the advice of Nick (HP_Lovecraft; nice nickname and avatar btw) I ditched the remote line every chance I could and just went with the bottle directly on the gun.

Over the summer I decided I wanted to make a custom stock for the gun. The problem with this was that I needed to start using the remote line as their wasn't enough clearance to put the tank in the back of the gun. Again, I faced the problem of the gun not cycling.

Skip to a few weeks ago; I got my hands on some simple equipment: a length of macroline and some fittings that would work with the existing remote line I had.

This is the result: [IMG][/IMG]
The gun originally came with the dot sight, barrel and the remote adapter for the back receiver of the gun. I have added a laser sight on the trigger cover, the stock and the new rear tank system.

I'm pretty pleased with the end result. The only bad thing that came of it is the blotches in the stock. I had originally coated it in varnish over the summer while I was using it with the remote line and I guess I wasn't able to remove all of it before I applied the stain.

More pics:

These are just shots before I put the hose clamps on the stock for the tank.

I guess in closing, I would recommend this gun but only to those who aren't going to be deterred by it not working right away for them. It did take some getting used to, special treatment and digging up a lot of buried knowledge. Now that the gun works, its deadly accurate, consistent, very easy to maintain and it doesn't look half bad either. Plus I get a lot of compliments from people who've never seen it before or remember using a gun like it.

Merry Christmas all, heres my present for the holidays to you all. Thanks again for the help and see you out there.

- Gabe
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