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Originally Posted by B.R. View Post
nice work man, it looks really comfy.
i wonder if anyone has rings for the 20 size tanks i have them for 9 and 12s.
its nice to have access to people on here that know about the montneels !
The tanks in there are 16oz and 20oz tanks. Just get larger hose clamps. I could've fit a 12oz or another slimmer sized tank with the old stock setup

Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Nice. Can't get a better barrel for 'em than that snakebit, either, very nice. Love my Z's, I shoot them often. They are pretty stupidly simple, just gotta know how to run liquid, and where to find parts.

If I were you I'd ditch that macro for some stailess steel braided first chance you get.
THATS what the barrels called... great! I didn't know that (read: too lazy to read the invoice from the original purchase order) and in terms of the macroline, I can't find any steel hosing just now but I was recommended to use that because of the pressure in the macroline. I gave it a test run today, its about -1C (so 27F) and it worked perfectly. Only took one shot to chroni it.

As far as replacement parts go I can always order them from the Montneel website but I actually just found out through trial and error that Angle O rings will fit some of the internal parts. Normal tank O rings tend to be too big.

idkfa: When I say that I would recommend this gun but only for a certain few (in other words that I don't think they're a great gun) I'm coming from never having fired anything aside from this, a few tippmans that were all rentals and a Mokal Focus. Compared to those guns, its much better. BUT I know there are much better guns out there. Still, after building this, I can rip on my friend who keeps raving that his Focus is better than mine.

- Gabe
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