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That is a really nice stock.
I really, really wanted a wood stock on mine, but simply lacked any sort of woodworking skill. I didn't want to adapt a generic rifle stock you see on other conversions, but instead wanted a battle-rifle style.

I ended up buying one of those $5 Tommy-gun stocks online:

It actually sits about an inch further in. It was not bolted in for the picture.

I actually ran with a remote for most of 94-95. I mostly played tournaments then, which meant I was CONSTANTLY shooting. Thats pretty much the only way you can make it work, otherwise you are constantly fighting with dropping FPS.

But, like everyone, I finally go irritated with every damn branch catching on the remote... and well... we all know what happens when you sit the gun on a table and FORGET to disconnect the remote..... ka-blam!

I love all my Zs, naturally. Great guns, but for me, they also bring back all the memories I had of the early 90s. My teammates mostly used mags, and I loathed them. They constantly broke down, chopped paint, always needed parts (orings, foamies, whatever), and lost tournaments due to the dreaded "automag penalty".

There was something I really appreciated about never having to do... well.. anything. At the time, it was the only tournament-gun "out of the box". It never needed adjustment. Not even FPS. I've never changed the FPS actually, and some of my montneels are close to 20 years old! Thats pretty friggen amazing! Nothing really to break down. I've never had to change a seal, or oring, or valve parts.

It was a different era though. and it did have its faults. The square body meant the metal was too thin, especially on the MegaZ, which only used 1 screw to hold the entire gun together. It was prone to strip. (which to avoid... well.. never take it apart )

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