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Star Wars Cards!!!

Okay, time to lure the fan boys in...

PRINCESS LEIA TOPLESS!!! (should drag in some starwars nerds in from google.)

Now time for the sale:

I've got a ton of star wars cards I never play with anymore, and I need some more room for paintball markers, which means the cards have to go. Right now I'm just posting as many of the pick of the litter as I could find and will probably sell the rest in small packages on e-bay. None will be in mint condition, they all got play time.

I'll sell 'em all for thirty five bucks plus shipping.

I can take checks and money orders right now, I'm still waiting on my paypal account to be verified as I just signed up today.


Wow, after checking E-bay, I relinquish the right to ever say that someone else is on crack over their prices. Collections the size of mine with better cards are going for less than what I WAS asking.
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Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
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