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The Miltec G2 is pure fun

I've been playing paintball for about a year now, and was getting a little bored with my Tippman Custom Pro so I decided to try something more challenging. I did a bunch of research (including this site) and chose to buy a Miltec G2 pistol.

We went out this weekend and I tried it out as my primary marker. By the end of the day I was hooked because it is so fun to play with. All of my buddies were asking tons of questions so I let them all try it for a few games, and they all want to buy one now too.

- Lightweight & small (compared to my Tippy 98)
- Shoots amazingly accurate with Marbs
- Decent effeciency at 25 shots-per-12g on a 80F day
- No leaks

- Did not come with a manual (Contacted Xtremez, who said none of current lot included manuals)
- No padding in box so both barrels were bent from banging around during shipping (Xtremez quickly shipped out new ones at no cost)
- Spring loaded bearing popped out of the quick-release pin (Contacting Xtremez for replacement)
- Slow to change 12g CO2
- Stock magazine is a pain to reload (easily fixed with a quick cap or AgentSmith mod)

We tried several brands of paint with varying results. Visible Impact was garbage in the G2. The local white-box (PegBall) shot OK, but when I dropped in some Marballizers we were astonished. At 75 feet it shot as accurate as my Tippy on HPA.

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