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Welcome to the club!!!

I've been hooked on these babies for years. I bought one in late 03, early 04 when they first came out as the Armotech zeus G2 as a sidearm. I decided I would just play with that until I could handle it well enough to suit me then switch back to my Minimag... I eventually gave away the minimag to a deserving youngster and now I'll be pistoling my way into retirement(hopefully still alot of good years in my 41 yr old body!).

The bore on these is a .691, so they're going to digest larger paint like Marbs much better. My field paint where I play is Draxxus Silver(alias Inferno SFX or 'Fireball') which most players run a .689 insert with anyway, so I'm quite lucky.

One thing I've found astonishing is how easy having a gun only a foot long makes working from the tops of bunkers instead of being mostly limited to the sides. Our team can fill a bunker with an extra guy more than teams with no pistolero, 3 effectives instead of 2.

Good Times!
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