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Well, I just came back from Ottawa after going to PSI. I was "SHOCKED" to see the place closed down. And I'm kinda frustrated too because I was waiting a month to go there to fill up on CO2. So where else in Ottawa can I fill up? PSI was the only place I ever went to, so I have no idea what else there is.

Now, if any of you ever want to take a 45 minute drive past Kemptville to Addson (not trying to say anything Dana ), I'll be trying to hold BYOG/P/A (bring your one gear/ paint/ air) a couple times a month this year. (depending on how the first games go) I figer 100 acre's of land is enough to work with. Look at the newest pictures on this thead for one of the fields I already working on........... (post #109)

Shoot me a PM if you'd like to know more.


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