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Something new from Ninja Paintball

OK so first I'm going to step up and say that I HAD a negative impression of Ninja Paintball mainly due to my ignorance and being stubborn to aesthetics and gimmicks instead of performance of the regulators. I will admit that one of the only reasons I converted was because I needed a reg at World Cup Asia last year and a Ninja adjustable with brass bonnet was the only other reg that I would put on my tanks(for my own reason will never own a new style Crossfire reg, I wasn't about to buy a new G2 just because the vendors did not sell the proprietary burst discs).

Regardless, the customer service of this company is first class. Around mid-December I was testing my tank regs and noticed that my ninja reg pressure wasn't holding and climbing at a very slow rate, after posting in the Ask Ninja Sticky I was contacted by Rob...the rest is history or in this case news!

Just the other day a new aluminum bonnet was in my mailbox. It was sent to me set at 700psi with no shims, I'm told that If I wanted to add one red shim, it'd be at 850psi. "This is a non-adjustable system and is guaranteed to output 700psi without shims or 850 with just 1 red shim inside." Some of the features include a Dual oring piston and dual oring aluminum bonnet. Keep in mind this was a one of bonnet so I suspect the production reg to be adjustable.


Again I'm not sure if it it will make it into production but instead of a wound spring there is a spring pack of disks, commonly found in other regs. Off hand I can only think of a few regs that these are found in but they are very consistent and their performance and history speak for themselves: automags, air america, dye hyper regs, and the macdev droid reg. As of today I don't have access to air and my reg tester is at the field so there will be more to come. I don't have a scale to measure the weight difference but its obviously lighter than the brass bonnet. Be on the look for other new refinements to these already awesome products. I forgot how much I like the space between the ASA and the tank with the Ninja regs, I feel like I can control the marker better with just my shooting hand. As for fill nipple/Gauge position, the ninja clips solve that problem without having to completely depressurize the tank. I apologize for what appears to be double pics but one of each is with and without flash. Crappy Camera and I couldn't get the right lighting.

Remember when Guerilla Air introduced the G2, they offered it at a premium price, charging customers additional money for the new features? Ninja Paintball will not raise the price due to the new upgrades.

Got an email from Rob with more information:
"’s some new information. *The new style piston and bonnet are going to ship with every new air system we manufacture. *We have already been shipping systems with the new pistons and we’re still running through some old style bonnets. *Once we run out of stock on those, all tanks will have the dual tank oring bonnets. * Probably by the first of February. *Best part of this whole deal is, we are NOT increasing the price of our regulators even though we’ve had to adjust our CNC machines, spent time on R&D, and adding additional orings. *I know orings are too much money but I thought it was great that we weren’t charging customers to add them."

"Those Belleville springs will NOT be included in our normal adjustable regulators. *That is something he made special just for you. *Our adjustable regulators will continue to ship with the coil spring and shims because we’ve found that style is much easier for players to work on versus the Belleville spring stack. * * Hope this sheds some light on the new features and why we sent you those different internals. *Also, I’m sending you a pic of one more feature I forgot to mention. *Look at the top of the regulator. *We redesigned the opening where the pin comes out to allow a bit more airflow from the regulator into the ASA. *If some markers starve for air a little at this location, our redesigned top should help take care of that problem. *It just allows for a little bit more air volume in that spot."

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