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Price Check on Aisle 3

Hey all,

I have put up my T2 for sale or trade and was wondering what you all would think the package would be worth?

Its a pre-serial # T2 polished silver
It has both 86 and thin 45 frame. They both also come with a AT cam.
Also has both T-grip and stock grip with tonsixers hitman mod. Included is some custom wood .45 grips and a very nice T handle torx wrench. Stock barrel with .684 sizer. New ASA and new reg bottom and internals.

Its in good cosmetic condition. It has been played with ALOT, so its got wear and nicks in the anno, but it shoots just as good(if not more consistant now) as it ever did.

I am just wondering what price-range I should put this up for? Any and all help will be appreciated!
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