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Nelson Valve Evolution (Project Leprechaun)

This started in several of our heads and has spilled out into a few threads.

It's no secret that I am a fan of the Nelson design. Lots of small companies came up with lots of different variations of it. Some of the ideas, I'm sure were good and for one reason or another the company or the gun just didn't survive.

Pump is growing again and so is Stock Class. High end Nelson guns are a reality right now. Now is the time to dig up good ideas both old and new.

Companies like RTR and the "Redux factory" are bringing innovative new high quality nelson based guns to market.

Companies like ASP and Lapco are selling quality oldschool parts like various sized power tubes, open faced TPC's and lightened hammers.

The big boys Tippmann and Kee are even throwing there hats into the ring by bringing back old Nelson based guns.

No one is doing much if anything to improve the inside of the gun.

We have enough people that are smart and talented enough to figure this out. I was planning on working quietly on this until I got some place. There is so much information, so many old ideas that might have worked, so many new ideas that might work.

Lets get them out there.

We can make Nelsons work better I know it. I call this project "Leperchaun"

A few thoughts I had are:

It's been said that increasing flow makes efficiency better.

I think that redesigning the cup seal and valve is beveled so that the cup seals at an angle inside the valve nut will increase flow and efficiency.

Lightening the hammer seems to be an improvement. I think the LAPCO design can be improved on by relacing the friction points along the outside with Delrin. The reason I think this is better is that it would cut down on friction, allowing for a lightermain spring to be used to have the same weight hammer provide the same dwell as a heaveir hammer would have. This means a lighter pump stroke.

I'd like to see a bigger power tube in the Phantom/Garg/Duck length.

Open faced "TPC" I think this is a must.

Low pressure has been talked about and some are working on it in secret, Lets talk about that.

I've mentioned before that I think Nelsons set up right could be extreemely efficient on Liquid. Lets talk about that. I've got a power tube that I think might work very well for this purpose and will be testing it now that I have a siphon tank. I think once I get a good siphon system put together it could be used in Drop outs to run liquid out of a 12ie! You are tipping the gun forward so the liquid should be able to be sucked out of the horizontal 12ie if the gun is tuned properly.

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