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Originally Posted by brink View Post
Buyer/Seller beware.

This a negative feedback. Search his name, or mine
this guy sent me a tank 2 months late and claimed he had sent an "identical" tank previously to no avail, twice ("it was the post offices fault...," right...). with very specific hand written hydro stamps and no proof of any of it? i don't think so. i was to send back what he sent me for a refund, but since i can't send goods back that i never received, i am worried i will lose anything I had to do with my money for the tank and still be branded a thief of his imaginary tank if i were to send back the only one that I actually have... if he ever provides proof that he wasn't lying about ANY of the things he told me, he has my full apologies, but until then I believe I was lied too, and anyone else looking at my end will say the same... anyone else who has dealt with me knows i'm definitely not unreasonable. however, i was the buyer in this case, I paid the day i offered money, and he didn't even ship me the tank pictured in the sale until two months later... so yeah, big time negative feedback for me.

link to sale thread:

mcb pm correspondence:

Originally Posted by tprasse: Hey, whats your paypal?

him: paypal = *****

me (on november 19th): yo, just sent 90. my shipping address is Trey Prasse, 31164 Zoar Road, Locust Grove, VA 22508. if you could send me tracking when you get it that would be great. Thanks!

him: hey man. just got the tank back today. I guess i wrote the wrong address. Ill get it shipped out first thing in the morning. sorry bout this. Ill try and throw in a $5 bill to make up for the delay.

me: no worries. just send tracking when you have it.

him: no problem man. Sorry bout the delay. just wanted to keep you informed. Ill be sure and get you number tomorrow. thanks for being understanding

Here is my cell, 937.***.6**3 Just to give you peace of mind. Name is Aaron

me (many days later): tracking?...

them: Hello.

This is Aarons wife. He is out of the country til the 20th (***note by tprasse: this was back in freaking december! and may I point out the "he doesn't have his phone" comment coming up here?... so much for getting in touch with him that way...***). He doesnt have his phone, but i told him of the text you sent. He says it was shipped and he doesnt know why you wouldnt have received it yet. He had me log in here to send you a message. Ill be going to the post office tomorrow to check on the package. He also asked for your paypal info, so he can refund you some of the money when he gets back to the states.




the mysterious post office problems that he had were eerily similar to lies i've been told in the past... i never believe any of it, and usually it plays out fine because it's just somebody screwed up and sent it late. but when the tank pictured in the sale arrived with a january 10th postage stamp (i paid him on the 19th of november), it got really fishy when he wouldn't drop that he had sent an identical tank that he had two other copies of as well... things just didn't add up for me. I'm sorry that I don't have more for you guys... he didn't email much lol... i'm assuming they have enough info to get some sort of documentation from the post office to back up their case (if it existed at all) since they can "look it up" at the post office... anything else you need to talk to me about, just ask. thanks. --trey

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