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Originally Posted by jhyan
When are you going to start doing this for customers? I've got a mag I've been thinking about doing, and I definately need to do my sterling! Wanna use the sterling as a guinea pig for a reduced cost *grin*?
I wish I could do it all the time. I took some orders in june, (the karta e-mag was one of those orders) I hope to take another batch towards the end of september. If you have something specific you need done, I will take special oorders but pricing is done on a one at a time basis depending on how much time it will take.

If you send me the number of pieces, and what kind of a patern you would like then I will get you a price quote.

Prices are cheaper if you polish it yourself, or if you just want it stripped with no polishing. (if you just strip it it will have a slight matte finish instead of gloss)
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