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On 12/1/2010 I sent payment for a superbolt with a sanchez machine single rod pump kit and CP reg and On/Off asa. Two weeks or go by and I get a pm saying it hasn't been sent yet but will soon. More time passes and no marker or even PMs. When I inquired about the marker the seller said they would ship the next day. A few more days he says it's on it's way to the post office and was complaining that his friend made him take it to them an hour away because they were interested in purchasing it. This is 22 days after I paid for it. On the 1st, 1/1/2010. I filed a dispute on paypal. Then he said he would just return my money. A week goes by and I inquire on the progress of returning my money. At this point he says he will ship the marker but he was trying to avoid it because he had to replace the asa and reg because they where bad. How does an ASA go bad? Any honest person who has to replace a part. Replaces it with the same parts that were removed. Another week goes by and I raise the dispute to a claim. Then he tries through multiple PMs to try to get me to drop the claim and say's he going to send the gun with extras and much more moneys worth of goods than I paid. When I didn't drop the claim he finally did send the marker. I recieved it 56 days after payment with a stock gas through and red duckbill off of a trilogy.When I told him that was crap he actually tried to explain to me that he was generous and did me a favor...what a joke.

Here is a link to my feedback, I think I have been around long enough and have enough transactions with people to be listened too.

Mod Edit: The user who posted did recieve a refund as well as the marker. He has since refused to return the marker or pay for the marker.

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