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This is a follow-up to my original post. In the original post I mentioned the following two Cons:
- No padding in box so both barrels were bent from banging around during shipping (Xtremez quickly shipped out new ones at no cost)
- Spring loaded bearing popped out of the quick-release pin (Contacting Xtremez for replacement)

I contacted Xtremez about these issues three weeks ago and still have not heard or received anything from them. So, I called again yesterday and they said they don't have replacement barrels and gave me an RMA for the whole gun. I'm very pleased with the G2, and aside from the two problems mentioned above it has worked flawlessly so I don't really want to return the whole gun, I just need some replacement parts!! The 1" barrel was only slightly bent (more of a dent) and I was able to push the dent out so you can't even see it now. I fixed the quick-release pin by drilling it out and slapping on a hitch pin. So, the main remaining issue is the 7" barrel. It is totally unusable because it's severely bent and the threads are mashed.

At this point I'm debating whether it's even worth it to return the gun for a replacement. What do you guys think?

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