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Giving the above comment, I'll be sure to leave detail for mine.

I traded a goblin Solo for a 45/45 tank with a Rhino cover. The exact quote I used was ...

"If it doesn't leak and you ship first, you've got a deal. Pictures and hydro?" - This was said before the unit was shipped. I was assured it would work just fine on arrival.

AFTER it was shipped, I was informed it MIGHT have a slight fill nipple leak. I bluntly told him, before receiving it, that if this happened he'd be paying cost to ship it back, as I'm not dealing with a broken tank. I've had my fair share of them.

When it arrived, it leaked heavily out of the fill nipple, and out of a set screw beneath it. Slimpb apologized and stated that this was because of a technician he'd sent the tank too, and he was sorry, and would pay for a new fill nipple. I informed him the tank is going back. Its not worth my time or effort to fix product that isn't mine.

This trade originally happened in October... I still have that tank gathering dust in my room, and the latest news I heard from slimpb was he needs to prioritize his debts, so can't send me money for it.

So, that is that. I still have full PM logs to back up my claims.

EDIT:: 03/17/2011

Slimpb paid me for the return cost of shipping, and the tank has been shipped back for him.
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