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Things you don't see every day.

Did a little organizing and came across some cool stuff. Thought I would share with every one.

Transfermatic 1000. You would use this to attach 2 co2 bottles to your gun. It would take air from the tank with the highest pressure. IIRC Cooper T made one that he called a Teeter Valve (or something like that.) I have another one that is raw Aluminum with no markings.

Tracer Unit this would illuminate the glow in the dark paintballs.


REBLine Autococker for nelson based pump gun. I love the fact that this thing uses rubber bands to pull the bolt closed.

Mega Tech Reg stock. The stock part is not original but hey never heard of them before.

Adjustable wire stock for automags

M69 Grenade. I think I got this off of e-bay. It is very strange because this one does not have any paint in it. I don't know if it was just a non working display or if someone just forgot to load it.

EXC upgrade kit for vms

This thing drops the bottle down so you can sight down the gun with out the bottle getting in the way. Only marks on it is DD. I don't know who made these but it is old school cool.

AFT Mag holder that attaches to your leg.

45rd hopper harness. I guess it is easier to swap hoppers instead of using 10rd tubes.

Some funky colored 45rd hoppers.

Well that is all I have time to do. Hope I didn't waste your time.

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