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Awesome seller. Bought a DM3/tank/loader package.

I assumed the tank was in hydro, but it wasn't. No big deal to get it hydro'ed though.

Only real problem I have is that the gun was shipped in a Diaper, JK.

Deal with this guy if you get a chance. Awesome communication, extremely fast shipping shipping and will work with you to give you a good deal. Easily the smoothest deal I've ever done online. A+

Edit: After putting some paint through the marker I need to address some things I had encountered. One of the LED's on the board is burnt out. Not a big deal although it isn't replaceable. When I unboxed the gun the eyes were working fine, however I've had a bit of trouble getting them to work consistently. Again, it was in my possession when they started to act up. The last thing is that there was a fair amount of trigger slop on the marker that can't be fixed just from comparing to other markers similar to this one. Very minor things, just things I want to point out. Still a completely legit seller nonetheless.


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