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Sheridan Products F/S

Keeping it here to keep it organized and easier to navigate. More will be added soon. All products are 100% made in the USA. Here we go:

End Caps:



End caps for the feed tubes. In black delrin. Fits great. Price is $9 each

Sheridan valve tools:

Plain and simple. 100% made in the USA. Steel construction.

Threaded on the other side to pull the valve out.

Price: $19 shipped each

Pump Handles

Pump handles delrin made for Sheridan.

Fits PGP, PGP2,PMI & Piranha LB/SB, KP, etc 100% made in the USA.

Short Price: $25 shipped

Long Price: $35 shipped (PPS has the same for $40 plus shipping)

Sheridan Bolts click below:

Questions please PM me. Thank you
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