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Bolt stick, and how to combat it?

Received my MicroMag. Aired it up and it shot just sweet in my basement for about 500 rounds of air. (I was shooting some oil through it at the time.)

Aired it up the next morning at the field, and the bolt stuck instantly.

Cleaned and oiled, air up, bolt stick.

Again, and I put it back in the gear bag and played pump all day. :/

Got home, aired it up, and shot about 300 air shots through it...not a single bolt stick.


I am way rusty on my mag trouble-shooting....what causes bolt stick? Grrrr.

(BTW, the gun is in remarkable shape. Looks as though it has hardly been played with. I oiled all the moving parts after cleaning them and checking them for wear. Just so you don't think I just slapped a tank on and let her fly... )
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